About the Precision Medicine Policy Network

Led by PIs, Drs. Christopher McCabe and François Rousseau, the Precision Medicine Policy Network focuses on four high priority themes: (1) Research Ethics; (2) Health Economics & Health Technology Assessment (HTA); (3) Knowledge Translation & Implementation Science; and (4) Intellectual Asset Management & Commercialization. Each theme will identify, synthesize and optimize good research translation practices for Precision Medicine (PM) technologies.

The Network will bring together and consult representatives from the 17 Genome Canada Genomics and Personalized Health Projects. We will conduct structured critical appraisals drawing on statements of best practice in the peer reviewed and grey literatures, and on content expertise within the Network. These appraisals will form the basis for ‘good practice’ white papers. Consensus workshops will be organized to bring together experts from the 17 Projects and from academic, policy and private sectors. The Network will develop best practice guides, training programmes, policy briefing documents, and implementation templates/tools to support national and international stakeholders in translational PM.

How can you contribute?

  • Participate in consensus workshops in your area of interest.
  • Participate in the Consultation process for posted reviews and policy recommendations.
  • Download, tweet, use, and teach with Network outputs.
  • Improve the application of Genomics to health systems by integrating Network findings into future research.

Upcoming Activities

Network Co-Funders