KT at HTAi 2018 Annual Meeting: Uncertainty and the Value of Precision Medicine (June 2, 2018; Vancouver, BC)
This workshop brought findings from the October 2017 Theme 2 workshop to an international audience. Workshop presentations were followed by commentary and discussions. 

Could Open be the Yellow Brick Road to Precision Medicine? An Overview of Open Models of Collaboration in Genomics and Precision Medicine (Mar 6, 2018; Montreal, QC))
Lead by Yann Joly, this Theme 4 workshop explored experiences, objectives, challenges, concerns, benefits, and potential paths to follow regarding the use of open models of collaboration in the field of personalized medicine. Presentations: 
(1) Why the Nagoya Protocol to the CBD Matters to Medical Science and Industry in Canada? (2) Open science: A better bargain between science and society, (3)  Data-hoarding in genomics can kill. What can we do about it? (4) mPower: A case study in open models of precision medicine, and (5) Finding a path through innovation’s labyrinth of solitude. The case of 3D bioprinting. (Workshop program).

Value of Information / Value of Implementation for Outcomes-focused Precision Health (Feb 6-8, 2018; Banff, Alberta)
Sessions at this Theme 2/Theme 3 workshop explored (1) Value of Information (VOI) analysis and its application to precision medicine research; (2) Value of Implementation (VOImp) analysis, including the sessions (i) ‘An Implementation Science perspective’ and (ii) ‘Insights from using VOImp in the UK context’; and (3) using VOI and VOImp analysis in precision medicine research. (Workshop program).


Innovation in Context2: Scaling Up (Nov 18, 2017; Montreal, QC)
This Theme 4 workshop, lead by Richard Gold, focused on how to scale up innovation. Participants explored how individuals, companies, firms, and the ecosystem itself can turn the success of a single popular idea or product into a larger environment cultivating sustained innovation. But how does this happen? How do we harness the true diversity of our communities to scale up innovation? How do we build sufficient capacity for these ecosystems? In short, how do we unleash the true innovation potential of our society? (Workshop agenda)

Data Access / Data Integration for Precision Health (Oct 25-26, 2017; Calgary, Alberta)
Using case examples from Canadian provinces participants at this Theme 4 workshop  considered enablers and barriers to the use of big data by Canadian health systems to support precision health in real-time. (Workshop program).

Uncertainty in Value Assessment of Precision Medicine (Oct 12-13, 2017; Calgary, Alberta)
This workshop brought health economics from the United Kingdom and Canada together with clinicians and policy makers to explore
 best practice in identifying, quantifying and synthesizing uncertainty in the evidence base for the value of precision medicine technologies. The workshop was sponsored by the Theme 2, Health Evaluation and HTA. (Workshop program).

The Economics of Precision Medicine: Accounting for Imperfect Uptake and Assessing Value of Implementation (Sept 5, 2017; Leeds, UK)
This Theme 2/Theme 3 workshop explored the cost of implementation, focusing on implementation challenges to the adoption of Precision Medicine technologies and potential solutions. Held at the University of Leeds, the workshop provided an opportunity to learn from the NHS approaches to assessing PM technologies.

Precision Medicine and Preventing Overdiagnosis: Concordance or Paradox? (August 19, 2017; Quebec City, QC)
This Theme 3 Knowledge Transfer and Implementation workshop,  held at the Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference, focused on reducing overdiagnosis and promoting cost-effective care through the use of PM technologies in clinical decision making.

Risk-sharing Models to Advance Payer Paradigms for Precision Medicines (June 27-29, 2017; Banff, Alberta)
Organized by the Network’s Theme 4, IP and Commercialization, and Theme 2, Health Economics and HTA, this international workshop focused on key challenges for payers and developers in evaluating, funding and managing market access to Precision Health Technologies and Interventions. (Workshop agenda).

To your health! Personalized Medicine in the Genomics Era (May 24, 2017; Montreal, QC)
Café Scientifique organized during the Canadian Bioethics Society Annual Meeting. Event sponsored by the Network’s Theme 1, Research Ethics Review.

Developing a Framework for Implementation sScience in Personalized Health and Precision Medicine (April 3, 2017; Quebec City, QC)
This first Theme 3 Knowledge Transfer and Implementation workshop sought consensus on the classification of KT components for Genomics and Personalized Health projects, and development of a KT-Implementation framework for ‘omics research and innovation. 


Theme 2 Inaugural Workshop: Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment (Oct 22, 2016; Vancouver, BC)
The first consensus workshop of the HE/HTA Theme was held at the offices of the BC Cancer Research Centre. Workshop speakers: Michael WolfsonChristopher McCabeFrancois Rousseau and Dean Regier