Theme 2: Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

“Fundamental to the success of Genomics and Personalized Health research is that innovations are carefully evaluated in economic terms.”

Theme Lead:

Dr. Christopher McCabe, Executive Director and CEO, Institute for Health Economics. Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Alberta

The objective of Theme 2 is to understand and share best practices for economic evaluation among the 17 Genome Canada Genomics and Personalized Health projects, and then to disseminate what we’ve learned more broadly across the precision medicine research and policy communities. This will involve both close working relationships with health economists within 17 Projects, as well as interactions with key stakeholders. It is essential, for the fiscal sustainability of Canada’s health care, that we understand not only what works, but also how they can be adopted in a sustainable fashion in to Canadian health care.


(1) Provide a comprehensive description of the challenges facing economic evaluation and HTA of candidate personalised medicine technologies
(2) Share and facilitate adoption of best practices for addressing these challenges
(3) Convene collaborative working groups to address unresolved issues
(4) Drawing on these experiences, develop best practice guidance and associated training materials

Objectives will be achieved through workshops, and the development of consensus positions on good practice in  (a) the measurement and valuation of the benefits of personalised medicine technologies; (b) the economic evaluation of clinical trials of personalised medicine therapies (c) modelling the cost effectiveness of personalised medicine technologies to inform Health Technology Appraisal Processes; and (d) evaluating the return on investment in implementation strategies to support the adoption of personalised medicine. Educational materials will be developed to support the dissemination of consensus best practices across Genome Canada research teams and to provincial, Federal and International HTA organisations.